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10 Characteristics Of Happy People

Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.

We tend to notice happy people from a mile away because it is so rare to find someone who exudes genuine and lasting happiness. It’s just something they give off that makes you think they never let the struggles of life get to them.

Is there a secret to happiness? Not likely, however, people who are happier seem to understand that life is what you make it.
We want to share with you “10 characteristics of happy people” .

We spend more time waiting than we do receiving, so it’s important for us to “appreciate” the wait. A happy life comes from being patient through the toughest situations.


Happy people have more of an appreciation for where they are in life. You seldom see a miserable person who is grateful and joyful too.
Appreciation will allow you to become happier because your expectations are reasonable.


Someone who understands why life doesn’t always go their way is more likely to be happier. These types of people show resilience and understand the processes of everything in life.
When an expectation isn’t met, we all sometimes wonder, “why”? but understanding will bring peace to a situation.


This is a big one… when you have a heart full of love for life, you are very likely to be a happy person. Love makes us happier with ourselves and it allows us to see the good in people while seeing a need to serve in some way.


This may be the toughest part of life. Patience is a true test of mental strength but it pays off tremendously (Eventually). No successful person has been able to get through life without a lot of patience.

A Good Attitude

This one’s obvious. Have you ever met someone who was extremely rude and negative all the time? Well, these people are not happy. The chances of them being optimistic are less likely.
A good attitude can go a very long way in life and people take notice.


Nothing can zap a person’s happiness more than a meaningless lifestyle. We are meant to progress and strive and if we are wasting time by being complacent we won’t experience happiness. Live a meaningful life by setting goals, and look forward to what’s to come in your optimistic future.


Most people who become complacent lack curiosity. A bigger meaning in life requires you to be curious and have the drive to act on those thoughts of “what if”.
Don’t be afraid to make the effort to learn more and the possibilities can be endless.


It’s important to be kind to other people. When you show kindness you are telling the world that you are grateful for your existent along with the existence of others.


An unhappy person would be sulking in their sadness, while an ambitious person will go out of their way to accomplish something that means a lot to them.


Do you have hope? Optimism will give you hope even when it doesn’t seem within reach. Positivity can actually lead to happier moments being you’re more open-minded.
Happy people have a happier outlook on life which is very clear and obvious.

Don’t Worry, Just Be Happy

Happiness is a choice.  We all have the ability within us to create happiness. It’s a choice which needs to be made every day when we wake up in the morning.
Understand that life is not against you and perspective will mean the difference between being happy and unhappy.
Be more open to developing characteristics which will make your life a lot easier and happier.