About Me

Welcome to the ‘Design This Life’ blog.

My name is Helen March.

I’m from Canada, a retired ‘senior’ enjoying the blessings of two sons and a young grand daughter.

The posts at DesignThisLife.com represent some of my thoughts on life and are mostly a reminder to myself.  You might find them helpful as well.

Hopefully, this site will cause you to think deeply and help to ‘design your life’ in ways that fill you with more confidence, peace, happiness and joy.

As I’ve aged, I’ve come to accept that I’ve had a hand in creating every aspect of my life.

Whether good, bad, or ferocious, I am responsible for everything I’ve achieved, and I’m also responsible/to blame, for each and every one of my failures.

It’s taken a lot of introspection to understand and appreciate that failures are a gift. They are something you can use to figure out what went wrong. When you observe your steps, you may find that it was simply a minor flaw in what you attempted while others would have given up saying it’s too hard.

There is no ‘ONE SIZE FITS ALL’ standard for happiness.

People think they’ll find happiness in a myriad of things, like possessions, their careers, the approval of others, etc.. The truth is true happiness is gained from within yourself; you have to love yourself first, in order to be truly happy.

Living Your Best Life!

Often, the biggest barrier between you and your ambitious goals is your own head.

Every single decision we make…

Every action we take…

Each is designed on some level to take us closer to happiness.

Think about it.  It’s true.

By embracing the design this life philosophy, and utilizing these principles throughout your life, you can change your mind freely.

You can embrace multiple futures and choose which works best for you now and later on.

You can change your pathway and alter your goals as your dreams and priorities shift in life.


One Moment In Time…

I’m posting this video for many reasons but, I’ll mention just three:

1. Listening to your favorite songs or to music that promotes positive thinking will help clear your head, feel relaxed and calm.  Use this to your advantage and see the effects.  Music that can be ‘medicine for the soul’ and inspire us, should be shared.  You’re welcome 🙂

2. There are songs that are so good that they carry the singers; likewise, there are singers who carry the songs. In this exceptional case, the singer and song are just right for each other.

3. We’re here sharing some thoughts and insights into designing or re-designing our lives.  Listen… really listen to the words and message.

Read and enjoy your journey.