Living Your Best Life!

By embracing the ‘design this life’ philosophy, and utilizing these principles throughout your life, you can change your mind freely.
You can embrace multiple futures and choose which works best for you now and later on.
You can change your pathway and alter your goals as your dreams and priorities shift in life.

Designing Your Life

Choosing to design your life means you are opting to look at your life not just as a goal but as an adventure, as a process rather than a destination. The designed life is one that allows you to choose among many possibilities, to consider multiple pathways and weigh what energizes you and brings you…

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Create A Positive Life

Because Positive Thinking Can Only Get You So Far! Whether you’ve read Norman Vincent Peale’s classic book on The Power of Positive Thinking or one of the thousands of books, articles, blogs, and other resources on the importance of mindset, you probably already have a good understanding of the power of positivity and the role…

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The Science Of Happiness

Sometimes, human emotions seem unpredictable and beyond the understanding of cold science. However, all of our emotions, including happiness, are actually largely controlled by chemical messengers and receptors. Some aspects of how these chemical chains of events are set off by the world around us are still not entirely understood. The processes themselves, however, are…

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Measuring Happiness

What determines your happiness? Is it a moment in time? An event? Are you able to replicate time and time again? When you think about happiness, it is highly unlikely that you measure your degree of joy in the world. You are instead quantifying or measuring your happiness by life experiences and overall fulfillment. What…

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What Causes You To Be Unhappy?

We tend to develop certain habits in life due to many factors like experiences (good or bad), interactions with others, lifestyle etc. Well, these habits can really affect us to the point where we develop genuine unhappiness. Now, you might be thinking that not all negative habits result in unhappiness. However, we are talking long-term…

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